Faecal Egg Counts (FECs)

What are FECs?
You bring in sheep/lamb poo and we look for worm eggs in them!

Why should you do FECs?
If lambs aren’t scouring, do you need to worm them yet? FECs can help find the answer!
We can advise if worming of lambs is necessary through the number of worm eggs seen in the faeces.
Help YOU save on unnecessary drenches helping you SAVE MONEY

Have you wormed your sheep but they are still scouring?
Are your wormers working?
A lot of farms have resistant worms on their ground
FECs can answer this, and stop you wasting money!
At ProStock we can do FECs IN HOUSE

This means you get RESULTS BACK SAME DAY
Give us a call TODAY or ask while you’re in!