About Prostock


  • ProStock Vets was founded in March 2011 as a dedicated farm animal practice with an aim to provide a progressive, proactive and professional approach to livestock health and production for the 21st century.
  • The six partners Anuschka Marsman, Cath Tudor, Sam Fenemore, Stephen Davies, Rhys Beynon-Thomas and Sarah-Jane Beynon have over 75 years of combined experience ranging from stints in Northumberland to North America and New Zealand.


  • ProStock provides a dedicated farm animal service with total commitment to Welsh agriculture, catering for all sizes from large enterprises to family farms and smallholders alike.
  • ProStock vets use their experience to improve the health and welfare of your livestock and focus on maximising the production and profit from your herds and flocks.
  • ProStock promise to supply animal medications to our registered clients at market leading rates, which we continually monitor.
  • ProStock family now consists of 20 Vets, 2 TB testers, 2 Vet Techs and 22 support staff (some part-time) spread over 4 locations in South West Wales
  • ProStock do everyday ''proper'' veterinary work including fertility routines, treating individual animals needing veterinary attention, TB testing, castrating and dehorning.


Committed to the future of British Agriculture

ProStock Vets is a proud member of XLVets. XLVets is a group of independently owned, progressive veterinary practices that work together, alongside commercial research and manufacturing companies, to share best practice on advice and disease prevention to achieve the highest standards of veterinary care.

The group originates from within the veterinary profession and is aimed at supporting UK agriculture as it faces challenges in the 21st century.

XLVet member practices are dedicated to providing high quality, cost effective service to their clients, to support the long-term growth and future prosperity within the UK livestock industry.

The group strives to be at the heart of our clients business as the primary source of highly valued on-farm advice and the central co-ordinating consultant for other farm services.

Clients of XLVet member practices will benefit from local access to many unique national initiatives the group develops; from health management, consultancy advice and disease prevention, through to bespoke analytical services to improve farm productivity and financial returns.

The future of Agriculture needs a Healthy Industry, which needs Healthy Animals. We at ProStock are fully committed to this and, as a result, are extremely excited to join XLVets.

Website: www.xlvets.co.uk


Vision statement

To provide an outstanding veterinary service to our farming clients.

Mission statement

We are dedicated to delivering an outstanding veterinary service to our clients through a motivated and knowledgeable team of vets and efficient support staff.
We aim to be a valuable partner in our clients farming businesses, through appreciation and understanding of their current and future demands. Continual professional development is important to us and aid’s development, progression and profitability of our clients' businesses and our own veterinary business.
Financially we offer value for money services and competitively priced medicines.