• Improve your knowledge of different medicines available on farm and improve decision making
  • Safely administer medicines to animals under your care
  • Record medicine use in accordance with legislation
  • Store and maintain medicines on farm in accordance with legislation and farm assurance requirements
  • Learn the difference between vaccines, treatments and the different legislative classes
  • Learn basic differences that exist between different classes of antibiotic and the need for veterinary guidance for their use
  • Learn the basic classes of anthelmintics and the need for veterinary or SQP guidance on their use
  • Understand the actions of an NSAID and when they should be used
  • Understand the responsibility of those administrating medicines to farm animals

The MilkSure initiative is for British dairy farmers. Its mission is to safeguard the production of wholesome milk which is free of veterinary medicine residues (above legal limits).

MilkSure is led by Dairy UK and has been developed in conjunction with BCVA (the British Cattle Veterinary Association).

MilkSure is a training course for British dairy farmers and their employees. Training is provided by vets for their own clients, using a workbook and other learning materials. The course covers all the technical and practical aspects necessary to safeguard residue free milk. Part of the training has to be done on farm. To make better use of your and our time we have spit the MilkSure training in part 1 and part 2. Part 1 gives a good understanding of medicine residues in milk and how to prevent them and part 2 is tailored to your farm.

A Certificate of Achievement is awarded to those who complete the training and pass an online test. A completed course and test earns 7 Dairy Pro points.

Benefits of MilkSure training:

The MilkSure training course is suitable for anyone who milks cows.

Farmers will benefit by:

  • ✓ having fewer costly milk residue failures
  • ✓ using medicines more efficiently
  • ✓ demonstrating to customers a clear commitment to producing pure, safe milk

Vets will benefit by:

  • ✓ ensuring the medicines prescribed are being used as intended
  • ✓ fulfilling a responsibility for safeguarding that dairy products remain medicine-free
  • ✓ demonstrating leadership in responsible use of veterinary medicines on dairy farms

Milk buyers and processors will benefit by:

  • ✓ having to deal with fewer costly milk medicine residue failures
  • ✓ gaining the respect and confidence of dairy consumers
  • ✓ promoting the highest level of food safety

After this course you will feel more in control of safeguarding your milk production. You will know the three main areas which are risky and you will have the necessary tools to avoid residue failures. You and your staff will have fewer decisions to make, you will have less doubt and better peace of mind.

For more information phone ProStock Vets and visit the website

Morning theory sessions and afternoon practical sessions combine well to give an overall understanding of cattle lameness and a practical ability to undertake the 5 Step Dutch Foot trimming method.

Learning Objectives:

  • The normal anatomy of the cow foot
  • Identify lame cows and learn how to Mobility Score
  • Practical sessions undertaking the 5 Step Dutch foot trimming method
  • Understanding of the main causes and the best ways to reduce cattle lameness
  • Learn how to identify and treat different lesions (sole ulcers, white line lesions, foul, digital dermatitis)


  • Confident in the routine trimming of healthy and lame feet
  • Application of blocks
  • Competent in sharpening of hoof knives

Also available with Farming Connect funding through FarmSkills (XLVets) and GelliAur College (contact us for more information). Lantra Accredited course.


·  Trainees will be able to discuss the regulations governing AI in the UK and describe the theory of safe semen handling and AI technique. 
·  They will be able to carry out correct AI technique using abattoir specimens or models before progressing onto be able to safely perform AI in live cows to DEFRA approved standards.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know the legislation governing AI in the UK
  • Describe the structure and function of a semen storage flask
  • Carry out safe handling and maintenance of a semen storage flask
  • Practice safe and correct semen handling technique
  • Learn the two stage theory of AI technique
  • Identify key anatomical features outlined in Fertility Module 1 on an abattoir specimen or model
  • Prepare and load a 25cc AI gun
  • Using correct technique, pass the AI gun through the cervix of the specimen or model and relate this to the AI theory
  • Accurately identify anatomical landmarks relevant to AI by manual palpation
  • Gain practical experience of the techniques covered in AI theory
  • Achieve a level of competence with AI technique DEFRA certified by the instructor


A four hour practical lambing course focusing on basic lambing skills, recognising abnormalities, when to intervene and correcting malpresentations. Treatments of neonatal lambs including safe tubing of lambs, applying tail and castrator rings and recognising the most common problems occurring in lambs and ewes around the lambing period.

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