Sheep Services

ProStock Vets offer a wide range of services for Sheep farmers in order to improve performance, productivity and profit, these services include:

  • Treatment of individual and flock health problems
  • Lambing, Caesareans and emergency work
  • Flock Health Plans
  • Parasite control programmes (worms, fluke and ectoparasite)
  • Blood sampling for accreditation schemes, Ewe check abortion screening, metabolic and trace elements checks
  • Disease control and monitoring
  • Advise on specific vaccination programmes suitable for your flock
  • Lameness control programmes
  • Pre-breeding ram fertility testing and vasectomies
  • Pre-tupping, pre-lambing, post lambing flock health visits 
  • Flock year planners for vaccinations, worming, treatments and other tasks
  • Worm egg counts (in house and with AHVLA)
  • Post mortem examinations (in house and with AHVLA)
  • Antibiotic and Medicine annual review
  • Monthly Beef and Sheep Newsletter
  • Lambing Courses
  • BRAND NEW Flock Health Club. 
  • £20.00 monthly subscription service which includes;
  • Annual Herd Health Plan and AMU.
  • UNLIMITED Faecal egg counts and faecal egg count reduction tests.
  • 10% discount on Ram fertility tests and Ram Vasectomies.
  • HALF PRICE visit for Fluke ELISA bloods / Ketone testing pre-lambing.
  • UNLIMITED discussion groups and meetings.
  • Annual AGM.
  • Farm walks within the club.
  • Benchmarking within the group.

To enquire about our Flock Health Club please call your local branch!